Calling all Instagrammers to Inspire Traveling
Dipp is your travel idea and planning tool inspired by your friends and favorite Internet personality. To build a travel community, we want to feature unique content curators like you to connect travelers to your content. This questionnaire helps us to get to know each other to find the perfect way of collaboration.
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Hi {{answer_kArI}},

Thank you for your interest in joining dipp's travel content community.

By learning more about you as a traveler and your Instagram personality, we can more accurately position your content to the right audience. We want to build this travel community with you, one that is off the beaten path, one that inspires more to travel. 

Let's get started!

What is your Instagram handle? We are @withdipp *

When did you launch your Instagram account?

Where are you from? And where are you based? *

Tell us 3 destinations where you love posting about *

We love people who know the ins-n-outs of their favorite places. Whether it be a big city like London, or a small village outside of Hanoi, we would love to know where your heart is <3
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How many followers do you have? *

Please share your blog or website with us, if you have one

If you have extra information, comments or questions, please let us know.

Thank you for connecting, {{answer_kArI}}!

In our potential collaboration, we will be featuring you as our explorer on dipp and working with you to create a travel e-guide of your favorite destination to help you monetize your content.

To promote our collaboration, we will also be:
- Featuring you on our blog
- Regram your post on our Instagram
- Shout out of your account on our Facebook/Twitter

To learn more about us, please visit
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